Sample Digital and Print Book Cover Art Design Portfolio

Since 2009, I’ve created numerous book covers for indie authors and publishers. This portfolio is only a small sampling of those designs.
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Havoc by Kindle Alexander
The Spirit Key by Parker Williams
Constraint by Siri Ousdahl
First Light by Christina Lee and Felice Stevens
Wolfsong by TJ Klune
Evolved by N.R. Walker
Crocus by Amy Lane
Out In The Deep by Lane Hayes
Last Call by Christina Lee and Felice Stevens
UP FOR THE CHALLENGE by Riley Hart and Devon McCormack
Black by Donya Lynne
A Chosen Man by Jaime Reese
Imprisoned by Evangeline Anderson
The Ballerino and the Biker by Rebecca James
Three's Company by N.R. Walker
Love In Spades by Charlie Cochet
Rhoades-Undeniable by Felice Stevens
The Bones Beneath My Skin by TJ Klune
The Messenger by TM Smith
Elements of Retrofit by N.R. Walker
Reservations by Kindle Alexander
Leaning Into Touch by Lane Hayes
What Lies Between Us by Felice Stevens
Berzerker by J.M. Dabney
Murmuration by TJ Klune
The Shape of You by Felice Stevens
Corruption by Kim Fielding
A Worthy Man by Jaime Reese
Timing by Mary Calmes
Chosen Pride by Mary Calmes
Elpida by C. Kennedy
Unit 77: Broken by Mina Carter and Evangeline Anderson
One Call Away by Felice Stevens
Before You Break by K.C. Wells & Parker Williams
Beyond the Surface by Felice Stevens
Painted on my Heart by Kindle Alexander
The Boys on the Mountain by John Inman
Broken by Nicola Haken
The Mystery of Nevermore by C.S. Poe
Knobs by Scotty Cade
Protected by Evangeline Anderson
A Mended Man by Jaime Reese
Lay It Down by Mary Calmes
Ransom by Lee Rowan
Enslaved by Evangeline Anderson
Full Domain
Chasing Happy by Rylie Roberts
Knight of Ocean Avenue by Tara Lain
Dreamers' Destiny by Tempeste O'Riley
IM by Rick R. Reed
Blame It On The Mistletoe by Eli Easton
Mated: Have a Little Faith by Diana McKinley
Double Full by Kindle Alexander
Bed of Bones by Cheryl Bradshaw
Purity by Evangeline Anderson
Bad Habits by Sienna Mynx
The Gravedigger's Brawl by Abigail Roux
Verity's Lie by Grace Elliot
A Troubled Range by Andrew Grey
Splintered by SJD Peterson
Out of the Gate by EM Lynley
Purify by Etienne
Stranger in Town by Cheryl Bradshaw
Pitch by Will Parkinson
Best Kept Secrets by Evangeline Anderson
A Hunted Man by Jaime Reese
Steel and Song by Ani Bolton
Wyrd Calling by Shen Hart
An Unconventional Union by Scotty Cade
Still by Mary Calmes
Lessons in Fly Fishing by Eliza Lloyd
All Kinds of Tied Down by Mary Calmes
Glory Lands by Vastine Bondurant
Good Karma by Donya Lynne
City Falcon by Feliz Faber
The Boys of Summer by Sarah Madison
A Better Man by Jaime Reese (2nd ed.)
All The King's Men by Donya Lynne

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A few print wrap art samples…

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Coming Back to You by Donya Lynne
Once Upon a Time in America by Michael Bowler
The Gathering by Sherry Taylor
Chasing the Rainbow by Kade Boehme
Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander
Coming Home by Diana McKinley
Nicademus by Sienna Mynx
Letter from a Cowyboy by Sue Brown

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